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The Storm Glass Crystal
Model Planetarium Kit –Shop My Ways
Magic Floating Jellyfish
Newton's Cradle - Pendulum Desk Decoration
Starry Sky Fidget Spinner Decompression
Rainbow Colour Aluminum Fidget Spinner
Multi Color Triangle Plastic Fidget Spinner
GXHMY Avengers Spinner Batman/ Iron Man/Spiderman
Air Swimmers- The Remote Controlled Fish Blimp
24k Gold Foil Playing Cards With Certificate
Amazon Echo Cases
Solar System Paperweight

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Welcome to Shop My Ways! Offering Best Value for Money. Shop My Ways is a way to feel the amazing science universe in the form of geek gifts. We stock a wide range of science gifts for kids and adults.

Science plays an important role in our day to day life. We can’t even think about living without science equipment’s such as electricity, refrigerator etc. Overall, we are well surrounded by science items everywhere and we can’t deny their importance in our daily routine.

Shop My Ways is committed to deliver best customer experience possible. From the ease of purchase through order processing and fulfillment, we make expert customer support and after-sales service our priority. Our goal is to remain a global leader in the science gifts industry and this is how we intended to do it. At Shop My Ways, we are thrilled to provide the best products on the market for you.

Each product listed here is deeply researched and tested by our quality team to ensure best quality. Whether it’s a fidget spinner which exhibit amazing relaxation properties or a storm crystal glass which indicate actual weather status, all products are well researched and tested. Any products that does not meet our strict guidelines for quality and performance are not carried in our collections.

Free International Shipping

Shop My Ways partners with the leading global merchants & artisan to ensure the best quality products at affordable rates. Since we shipped through our global merchants based out in different part of the world, your item may take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Please don’t panic if it does not arrive immediately, it’s on it way.

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