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5 Fun Toys That Help Your Kids To Explore Science

Posted by Brittany Johnson on

Toys and games don’t have to feel like homework, they may be the best idea for gift. If you are looking for buying the fun toys for your child that helps him/her to explore science then come in the way of Shop My Ways. We have separate stock of toys and games like puzzle, brain teaser, buildings block, storm glass and more also.

With the help of scientific toys your kids not only enjoy with playing them but also they help him/her to learn more about different types of scientific concept like about space, how weather is change with the help of weather predictor and more also. So, let’s discuss about 5 toys that help your kids to explore science:

#1: Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser

It can be the perfect gift idea for puzzle enthusiast and who love to solve problem.  According to the National Institute of Environmental Health science brain teaser helps your kids to improve IQ, problem solving and helps him/her to stay positive.

It has high quality and eco-friendly material. Brain teaser has some stage that you need to solve. Mainly brain teaser helps your kids to explore his/her mathematics power because it has some stage and to solve them you need to build steps and think like a mathematician.

Brain Teaser helps in:

  • To solve puzzles
  • Helps in pattern reorganization and find missing number
  • Helps in job interview
  • Improve your attention and memory
  • Reduce your mental stress
Mental Interlocking Puzzle IQ mind brain Teaser
3D wooden interlocking Puzzle IQ brain Teaser

#2: Model Planetarium Kit

Model Planetarium Kit

A perfect education toys for children to practice and empower their brain as well as to get familiar with the solar system. Kits consist all dummy planets present in this universe, these helps your children to express their interest in science and astronomy.

They can build their own solar system using this kit. It gives your child an opportunity to get familiar with all components of solar system that need to be assembled to form a complete solar system. It is a great way for your children on creative thinking solar system, fun to play.

#3: The Storm Glass Crystal

Storm Glass crystal The Storm glass crystal is world most beautiful weather forecaster that gives the accurate weather status. It has different-2 states for different weather like

  • If the glass liquid is clear then weather will be clear and bright
  • If you found glass liquid cloudy then weather will be cloudy
  • Small dots in the liquid indicates that weather may be humid or foggy
  • If the liquid have some stars then may be snow is coming
  • A cloudy glass with small stars indicates thunderstorms.
  • Crystal at the bottom of glass indicates frost
  • If there are large flakes throughout the liquid, it will be overcast in temperate seasons or snowy in the winter.
  • Threads near the top indicates windy weather

The storm glass crystal helps your kids to learn about weather like how weather works, how weather change, helps to improve your kid’s knowledge about environment and more…

#4: Newton's Cradle - Pendulum Desk Decoration

Newton's Cradle - Pendulum Desk Decoration

Newton cradle Pendulum desk decoration made with solid steel ball, ABS plastic frames and nylon plumb line. It can be easiest way to teach children in a funny manner about law of conservation of momentum and energy and can be the best gift for child.

It’s a unique exclusive contemporary design which makes great desktop gifts, you can keep these swinging balls in your home and office. Newton cradle pendulum desk helps you to learn about physics concept in practical and funny manner.

#5: Building Block

Tree Building Blocks

According to the child educator each classroom should have a full set of building block because building block helps to improve:

  • Increase Problem Solving Skill
  • Increase imagination
  • Help to learn different types of mathematics concept
  • It make your kids more creative

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