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5 Mega Science Gift Deals for Summer 2017

Posted by Brittany Johnson on

Smartphone Microscope:



Original Price: $99.95

Sale Price: $19.95

You Save: $79

As you all know microscope is an optical instrument that used for view very small object like animal plant cell, mineral. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the latest technology that brings many changes like low power consummation, long life span and many more.

LED became more usual in case of microscope light source for a number of reasons. In my opinion, the greatest advantage of LED microscope is long life span.

If you are planning some scientific gifts for your friend or some other then LED microscope is the best option for numerous reason:

No Color Drift with Age: It means LED does not change color or intensity with their age. If you are talks about the traditional blubs or microscope then maybe you heard that these will shifts towards the red of the spectrum as the age.

Less Heat Produced: LED’s produce the cool light with no danger of overheating. Head can drive out oxygen from the water sample which maybe reduces the movement of organisms.

Molecular Ring & Necklace:

Original Price: $29.95

Our Price: $14.95

You Save: $15

Molecular ring and Necklace are the best gift for science lover. In this type jewelry, every molecule is interconnected with each other like rings in chemistry lab.

If you are planning gift for that person who love science then I suggest molecular jewelry is the best.

Space Pendant:

Original Price: $19.95

Sale Price: $9.95

You Save: $10

Pendants are mainly use for lightning to improve any room or house that will make some special difference.

Pendants are easy to install and reasonable in price. Pendant lighting is the special type of lightning that hang from the ceiling.

In Space Pendant the whole picture of space is mention inside the pendant that look beautiful when it produces light. It can be another scientific gift.

Heart Pendant:

Original Price: $24.95

Our Price: $9.95

You Save: $15

As we all know the symbol of heart is known across the world as symbol that represents family and romantic love or affection.

The jewelry the shaped with a heart pendant is one the most popular piece of necklace to represents love.  Heart Pendant is particularly common between partner as symbol of affection and commitment.

Most of heart pendants designed with diamond and a hallow center but some of pendant can also found as a solid pendant with use of gemstones, diamond or gold.

Model Planetarium Kit:

Original Price: $29.95

Sale Price : $19.95

You Save: $10

Model Planetarium Kit is used for building your own dark solar system planetarium model. It has included everything that you required to assemble and highlight your model with glow in the dark paint.

The complete kit spans almost 12 inches and stands approximately 6 inch tall.

Mostly this kit used for the kid to teaches about the space and solar system. After completion of the model you can use it for as a decorative display!

So, hurry up guys and grab one today only at ShopMyWays. Leave your comment below to let us know about your favorite deal?

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