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5 Mega Toys and Games gift deals for Summer 2017

Posted by Brittany Johnson on

  1. 24k Gold foil playing card with certificate

24k Gold foil playing card with certificate

If you are card game lover then 24k gold playing card is best for you. It gives the feel of gold with gold foil plating over the card and impresses your friend with your poker card.

With 24k gold cards, you’ll get 2 jokers and you will have 54 reasons to smile. These amazing cards made by certified 99.9% 24 carat gold. It’s very durable and waterproof playing card. Each card has an attractive design with gold foil plating. It can be the perfect gift to the family member or your friend.

  1. 8Bitdo - The Game Controller for Your Phone/Tablet

8Bitdo - The Game Controller for Your Phone/Tablet

8Bitdo game controller is called 8Bitdo because you can configure it with your phone, Android, tablet, and computer by 8Bitdo official app. You can download this app in your phone through Apple or Google app store.

This device allows you to enjoy the game on your Android, iPhone and tablet with the real game controller. The main thing about that you don’t need to take extra headache of using the cable to connection because it has wireless connectivity with your phone or computer through Bluetooth.

No compatibility issue because it works with almost all phone, iPod touch, ipad Samsung, Android tablet, Xiaomi devices, PCS, Ipad Samsung and much more… No need to worry about battery, it has long battery life up to 20-hour capacity within just 1 hour of charging.

  1. Magic Floating Jellyfish

magic floating jelleyfish

If you are trying to find toy which provides fun and education (Engineering and Marine biology-minded scientist). Its works on the principle of fluid mechanics and magic jellyfish can swim up or down in the closed soda bottle.

It is very durable because of the standard age of magic jellyfish about 6 to 11 years. So, you just need to keep out of the reach of children to enjoy it magic close-up magic performance. It can be the just perfect gift for your child or family member.

  1. Air Shark Remote Control Fish Blimp

Air Shark Remote Control Fish Blimp

Air shark remote controlled fish can swims effortlessly in the air in 360 deg.  It can move up or down with the just click up to 40 feet away.  This amazing remote-control fish bounces off on the wall and other items without the fear of breakage.

Air Swimmer shark crafted from high-quality durable nylon material and it use helium gas to fly. After charged the battery it can held up to 2 weeks with 4AAA battery.

  1. Model Planetarium Kit

Model Planetarium Kit

Model Planetarium Kit is used for build your own dark solar system planetarium model. It has include everything that you required to assemble and highlight your model with glow in the dark paint.

The complete kit spans almost 12 inches and stands approximately 6 inch tall.

Mostly this kit used for the kid to know about the space and solar system. After completion of the model, you can use it for as a decorative display!




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