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5 Super Science Toys and Games for Kids & Adults

Posted by Brittany Johnson on

#1 Air Swimmers- The Remote Controlled Fish Blimp

Air Swimmer

Original Price: $120.00

Sale Price: $38.50

You Save: $81


Air Shark introduces amazing remote-control fish, crafted from high-quality durable nylon material. This amazing remote-control fish bounces off on the wall and other items without the fear of breakage.

It can be move up, down and inverted by 360 degrees with the just click control up to 40 feet away. It uses helium gas to fly away along with a 4AAA battery. It can be held up to 2 weeks with the backup battery.

These remote control air swimmers provides hour of remote control fun even inside the smallest room.

#2 Rainbow Color Aluminum Fidget Spinner

Rainbow color fidget spinner

Sale Price: $38.50


Rainbow color aluminum fidget spinner is the best way to relieve stress and amazing for anxiety, focusing, killing bad habits or best choice for killing time.

It helps to increase focus, concentration and also effective for deep thought. It has the perfect size that suitable for adults and kids. It can be the good choice for the fun and you can carry it wherever you want.

#3 3D Wooden Interlocking Puzzle IQ Brain Teaser

3d Wooden interlocking puzzle

Sale Price: $3.54


It is the most representative of classical intelligence toys which you to improve your divergent thinking and patience. The lock of the interlocking puzzle looks simple but it contains lots of mystery. It can be the perfect gift for kids, adults or above 3 years.

The first goal is disassembling then assembling the lock. It helps to train your brain IQ and relaxing your body. It boosts your intelligence and makes your fingers more flexible.

#4 Magic floating Jellyfish

Magic Floating Jellyfish

Sale Price: $19.95

Works on the principle of fluid mechanics, magic jellyfish can swim up and down in the closed soda bottle. A perfect toy for fun, education and hand on toys for the engineering and marine biology minded scientist.

It standard age up to 6-11 years. So, you just need to keep out from the reach of children to enjoy it magic close-up magic performance.  This is an underwater science magic Jellyfish.

#5 Metal Interlocking Puzzle IQ Mind Brain Teaser

Metal Interlocking Puzzle

Sale Price: $7.90


Metal Interlocking Puzzle consists of 8 classic metal puzzles and all these puzzles are ideal for both kids and adults. Interlocking puzzles are very classic and popular, best for relaxation of mind, creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQ.

It comes with 8 different puzzles with different levels of difficulty. With each puzzle, you will get a diagram as a hint. It can be the just perfect gift for children.

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