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7 Educational Toys For Empowering Your Child Brain

Posted by Brittany Johnson on

We all know that brain function is how much important to get task accomplished. And according to the several kids adviser, the first 5 to 6 year of your child are the most important years where your kids learn numerous skills. According to various studies about brain, toys and games actually helps kids to empowering your child brain. So here is the 7 Educational Toys For Empowering Your Child Brain:

#1 Model Planetarium Kit

 Model Planetarium Kit

A perfect education toys for children to practice and empower their brain as well as to get familiar with the solar system. Kits consist all dummy planets present in this universe, these helps your children to express their interest in science and astronomy.

They can build their own solar system using this kit. It gives your child an opportunity to get familiar with all components of solar system that need to be assembled to form a complete solar system. It is a great way for your children on creative thinking solar system, fun to play.

#2 Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser

Brain teaser can be the perfect toy for your kids to empower his/her brain because according to the National Institute of Environmental Health science brain teaser helps your kids to improve IQ, problem solving and helps him/her to stay positive. Brain teaser has number of step and to reach next step your need to solve the puzzle.

Brain teaser helps your child to empower his/her mathematical skills because to solve puzzle you need to think like a mathematician.

Brain Teaser helps in:

  • To solve puzzles
  • Helps in pattern reorganization and find missing number
  • Helps in job interview
  • Improve your attention and memory

#3 Buildings Block

Buildings blocks are one of another educational toy that helps empowering your child brain. In current era of the world Buildings block toys have always been a most loved among youngsters because these are very funny and challenging, particularly for little children and preschoolers. These type of helps your child to grow their mind and offer many advantages:

  • Mental Simulation
  • Empower your kids creativity
  • Empower math and vocabulary skill
  • Improve motor skill
  • Stimulate positive social interaction

#4 The Storm Glass Crystal

The storm glass crystal

The storm glass crystal is one of the most beautiful weather forecaster which you can carry anywhere in the world. It gives the accurate weather status depends on it glass states like if the glass liquid is clear the weather will be clear and bright etc…

The storm glass crystal helps your child to empower his atmospheric skill. If your child plays with these types of toys then he will able to learn different-2 stages of weather and how weather is being changed.

#5 Newton's Cradle - Pendulum Desk Decoration

Newton's Cradle - Pendulum Desk Decoration

Newton cradle Pendulum desk decoration made with solid steel ball, ABS plastic frames and nylon plumb line. It can empower the scientific knowledge of your kid because it works on the concept of law of conservation of momentum and energy.

It’s a unique exclusive contemporary design which makes great desktop gifts, you can keep these swinging balls in your home and office. Newton cradle pendulum desk help your kid to learn about physics concept in practical and funny manner.

#6 Fidget Spinner

It’s not a big surprise that recently they’ve become extent of craze and it appears like all children are turning them around and at times tossing them their colleagues. They are also being mostly marketed as calming toy but can fidget spinner help with anxiety?

Fidget spinner are propeller shaped disc with spinning ball bearing that allows us to spin them on fingers or on a table. They are easily available on online and toys store and very affordable for both adults and children. Fidget spinner help to empower your child IQ, calming skill in critical situation, focus, visualization skill.

#7 Hand-Blown Magnetic Hourglass

Hand-Blown Magnetic Hourglass

Hand-Blown magnetic hourglass with magnetic iron fling that brought to you by the creative, zany folks at home. It is fun desktop diversion. As the name implies Magnetic Hourglass, it helps to empower your child magnetic skill because it based on concept of magnet.

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