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Big Summer Sale on Watches and Microscope Products

Posted by Brittany Johnson on


Edge - The Best-Selling Faceless Watch:


It is the world first faceless watch with sleek and stainless steel construction. The stainless steel feature gives a durable electroplated finish with two additional links which can be adjustable by professional. So, if it can be just a perfect gift for them who love watches.

It has four disguised LED sets are only detected when they illuminate to form one and a half (1/2) digital number at the press of a button. Its top row displays the hour and lower row displays the minutes.

Naviforce - Luxury Watch:

Naviforce luxury watch

Naviforce luxury watch is the best combination of style and fun with a flare of high fashion. It has sleek and stylish design with stainless cover and leather band.

The design of Naviforce luxury watch is one of the most sophisticated pieces in any collection. It makes a good impression on your friend and colleagues. So, if you are planning a special gift then it can be a good choice.

 LED Microscope:

LED microscope

As you all know microscope is an optical instrument that used for view very small object like animal plant cell, mineral. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the latest technology that brings many changes like low power consummation, long life span and much more.

LED became more usual in the case of microscope light source for a number of reasons. In my opinion, the greatest advantage of LED microscope is long lifespan.

If you are planning some scientific gifts for your friend or some other then LED microscope is the best option for numerous reason:

No Color Drift with Age: It means LED does not change color or intensity with their age. If you are talking about the traditional bulbs or microscope then maybe you heard that these will shifts towards the red of the spectrum as the age.

Less Heat Produced: LED’s produce the cool light with no danger of overheating. Head can drive out oxygen from the water sample which maybe reduces the movement of organisms.

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